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Does your medical facility want to focus on core medical/DME functions, minimize billing denials, increase efficiency in the billing process, cut down on costs, and ensure timely reimbursement all at the same time?
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About Us

iKogitate is a privately held corporation founded in 2016 under the laws in the state of New Delhi, India. iKogitate continues to growas our employees and our clients are growing day by day. We provide complete revenue cycle management services and specialize in medical coding, billing and call center services.

​ iKogitate’s quality, results oriented commitment to clients provide the most comprehensive & personalized service possible while optimizing reimbursement. Our end to end medical billing and coding solutions can meet all your needs, from following up on pending medical claims, tracking receivable balances or initiating collections.

We can optimize your medical billing and revenue cycle management to meet your specific requirements. Revenue reports are provided month-end and can be accessed directly by the doctor’s office at any time. In addition to processing your claims electronically, our staff will alert you to potential problems in your office regarding improper preparation and delivery of billing information. This extra care assures you that, no matter how hectic your medical office becomes, there is always someone monitoring the financial end of your practice. With rapidly changing billing needs and regulations.

One of our major asset is our skilled team of billing and coding experts who have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on working with Medicare, HIPAA and Medicaid regulations. Our team has a thorough understanding of procedural and diagnostic coding, accounts payable management and electronic medical claims submission.

Our skilled medical billing and coding experts are proficient with:

  • ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes across different specialties
  • Payer-specific medical coding requirements
  • Governmental, regulatory and insurance requirements

Our certified medical coders (CPC) keep themselves updated with constantly changing trends in the medical industry, especially in ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes. We also stay current with the latest versions of medical coding software.

As a Billing and Collections provider, iKogitate functions as a seamless extension of your team, focused on maximizing your cash flow & giving you the assurance of consistent, accurate processing by highly qualified professionals using state of the art billing software and hardware.